Daniel Matthee b 1972
Born in Bloemfontein, South Africa
Currently lives in Chicago, IL​
Artist Statement: 
Genetics: The dissection of what the eye cannot see. By dissecting the building blocks of DNA down to its smallest known component, we begin to understand the codes and patterns of our makeup. We learn that alleles and genetic codes, sequences of DNA, are just repetitive patterns. These patterns develop meaning to us when we search to understand how they are shared and coded within the population.

Though everyone seems unique, deep down, we are all just repeating patterns. Outwardly, my artwork seems to be individual sculptures and drawings that capture my life. Whether they are telling the story of my relocation to America from Africa, or just sharing with the world objects I find that connect people and places to me or each other, the DNA of my work is same. I have patterns and codes in my work that share a story, just like genes of my own body.

The DNA of my work is represented by the repetition of colours and textures. It doesn’t matter if these adhere to plaster or canvas, these patterns and pigments represent my life and my experiences. If one were to dissect my work as a surgeon, they would see layers of deeper meaning that may tell a different, more complex story than what’s on the surface.
Works in Public

1996 - Student Prestige Exhibition Central University of Technology (South Africa)
1998 - Student Prestige Exhibition Central University of Technology (South Africa)
2015 - Nature Show Brickton Art Centre
2016 - Annual Student Show ( Awarded best in show)
2018 - BFA Student show

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